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OUR MISSION is to provide a platform for people to buy and create stylish, high quality, North-American made masks at affordable prices. As a family manufacturing business of 35 years with over 70 Quebec employees, we created Masqueteers in order to help us transition and educate ourselves in the world of e-commerce - allowing us to keep our company doors open during the global pandemic.

We have now donated over 2,000 masks to local charitable organizations, provided space on our sales platform to help digital creators and charities raise awareness and funds, and we continue to ship masks and Covid-19 accessories internationally.

Our promise to our local and global community is to continue to provide the protective masks you can feel good about and afford until we can safely live mask-free again.

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Check out our exclusive Scuba-3 collection A mask like no other!


At Masqueeters, we are constantly expanding our range of unique face masks for kids and adults.

Our stock collection of Scuba-3 masks, boomerang masks, neck gaiters and bandanas come in a variety of fun, fashionable prints including camouflage, tie-dye, animal prints, sea life, and solid colors.

Masqueteers partners with influencers, digital creators and wholesalers to co-create and sell branded merchandise. We custom produce a wide variety of products at our local factory in Canada that give artisans an opportunity to reach their audiences.

In addition to masks, you can also shop from a wide range of protective accessories from Masqueeters. These include portable, refillable, fda approved hand sanitizers , no-touch tools, neck cords, anti-fog lens wipes and so much more!

We ensure a safe, quick delivery of your order, directly to your doorsteps.

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