Why 3 Layers?

Why 3 Layers?

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Have you sneezed at the grocery store lately? If you have, you’ll know why a 3-layer mask matters. One layer of material – regardless of the tightness of the weave – is not enough to prevent your droplets from showering a light mist into the atmosphere and everything around you.

Our Scuba3 masks go the distance to shield the nose and mouth area with three layers of reliable, comfortable, machine-washable material. 

The first and third layers are a pressed and laminated polyester that sandwich the second layer of open cell scuba foam. Together, the three pressed layers form a breathable barrier that blocks even the most powerful of coughs and sneezes.

The open cell scuba foam interior layer provides the same level of insulation and protection that scuba divers use to protect their bodies from temperature loss and toxins.

It is double-knit, stretchable, breathable fabric that is designed to protect and filter.

And the best part? We have this material in pretty much any colour or pattern you can imagine.

We also make them custom/made to order!


Be sure to share your ideas with us. We’re always creating.


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