Stop Eating Your Cloth Masks!

Stop Eating Your Cloth Masks!

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We all know it - the number one health issue with wearing masks is their restriction on our breathing. We see politicians, shoppers, workers practically eating the cloth of their masks as they breathe or talk. It’s frustrating, uncomfortable, and makes this preventative measure we’re all taking almost unbearable. What’s worse, we have people working for 4 to 5 hours straight in masks, breathing back in the toxins that they are supposed to be releasing.

This is why we created the ultimate, breathable, machine-washable mask that is designed to securely cup your face from nose to chin, creating a dome effect around your nose and mouth so that breathing and talking behind the protective cloth is actually comfortable.

In fact, customers have written to tell us that our masks are so comfortable, they forget they are wearing them.

“I just returned from the grocery store and I need to tell you that I drove all the way home in the car in my mask completely forgetting that I had it on. They are so comfy!! Thank you, Masqueteers!” Teresa P. San Francisco

Masqueeters is dedicated to helping mask culture step up and truly serve us human beings with the breathability, comfort, security (and yes, style!) that makes all of this just a little better.

Here are just a few of the facts we know about cloth masks right now. As we evolve through this time, count on us at Masqueteers to be at the ready to innovate for you.

  1. Breathability: Cloth masks need to be breathable, lightweight, and convenient. Avoid face masks made of fleece, as recent studies indicate that fleece may not provide enough filtration. Check out the below video to know why our masks offer perfect breathing-
  1. Stops the virus's transmission: We have learned that it's extremely difficult to tell if someone has contracted the virus. A cloth mask, worn and cleaned on a regular basis enables us to reduce exposure to the infectious droplets through filtration. These masks effectively block most large droplets. They can also block the exhalation of fine droplets and particles, and preventing the transmission of the virus.
  1. Humidity Etymology:Cloth masks remove moisture from your skin and help you stay cooler. You're likely to sweat in public spaces like grocery stores, pharmacies, and other indoor facilities, and this is where cloth masks come in - they reduce asphyxiation by saturating the humidity.
  1. You can easily wear them: Cloth masks can effortlessly be worn and stay in place as long as the strings are tied.Our scuba face masks or animal print face masks will fit perfectly over your face.
  1. Long-term use:Cloth masks can be used for a long time. It has been proven that cloth masks are just as efficient as new ones when washed and reused. As a mask manufacturer, all of our Scuba-3 face masks, Boomerang face masks and neck gaiters are 100% machine washable.

Masqueteers is a division of Souvenir Avanti Inc. and is dedicated to serving North Americans with affordable mask options and personal safety items that are made by and for Canadians and Americans.

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