Face Masks & The New Normal

Face Masks & The New Normal

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A year ago, if you saw someone wearing a face mask you might assume that they were sick or maybe even a little odd or paranoid. Today, with the pandemic still very real and a daily threat to our health, wearing a mask to stop the spread of Covid-19 is the new normal for many of us. Some of us may even adapt to wearing a mask long after the pandemic is gone. Before March 2020, having a collection of face masks in your wardrobe would have been laughable. Today, you can buy them online, in stores, and just about anywhere you go. They are available in every colour and style, and even being used by many companies as branded promotional items.

Prior to March 2020, it was unthinkable that wherever you went (in Canada), people’s faces would be covered by masks and face coverings. Today, it is our new normal.

What are the chances you will continue wearing masks to prevent the spread of other diseases after the pandemic is over? Although we look forward to having everyone vaccinated in the near future, there are several reasons why we should still wear face masks:

1) It may take 6-9 months (or longer) to get everyone vaccinated

Even if the vaccine demonstrates safety, the full roll out, across the country will take a long time. There are significant challenges that our medical experts are facing to reach everyone that needs a vaccine because of the temperature they need to be stored at – and the worry that they will lose their effectiveness if those conditions are not met.

 2) You will not know who has or has not been vaccinated

We all know that it is not possible to vaccinate everyone at the same time. Higher-risk  individuals are prioritized over others that are otherwise healthy. In many cases, we also know that vaccines will require two or more doses for best results, so you will never be aware of where everyone else is in this vaccination schedule and how well they are protected. Therefore, it can be assumed that the best way to continue protecting ourselves is by investing in quality masks, in addition to keeping our immune systems strong. Check out our comfortable 3-layer washable scuba face masks here: https://masqueteers.com/collections/scuba-face-masks,

3) We do not know vaccine effectiveness

At this point, we still do not know how well the vaccines will protect us. Some may protect better than others, and some may protect depending on age, health etc... Best case scenario, vaccines provide complete protection and block everyone from transmitting the virus, however, there is a range of protection. Therefore, it is still important to remain cautious by using face masks.

4) People can be reinfected

Unfortunately, we also know it is possible for some people to get re-infected. There are proven reports about the recurrence of the virus. As well, we do not know how long the vaccines in development will remain effective as the virus continues to evolve, month after month.

5) Protection against other diseases

There is strong evidence that show face coverings are not only an effective way to stop the spread of COVID 19, they can also help to control the spread of other more common viruses as well. We are entering a generation where wearing a mask no longer stands out, it really is the norm. We all are getting used to the idea of wearing face masks.

To summarize, face masks may not be the perfect solution on their own, but combined with other health measures they can make a world of difference. Physical distancing, getting tested if you have symptoms, staying home and taking care of your immune system are all important factors in staying safe and stopping the spread of this virus. And since masks are likely to be around for a while, investing in comfortable, high quality and stylish options is a great idea!

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